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My girlfriend and I have had a lot of sex. We were very open about or sexual fantasies with each other and she confessed that she loved it when I talked nasty to her and overpowered her in bed. 

After we had tried every imaginable position, place and penetration, we played all kinds of games, acting out our fantasies with each other, exploring and opening ourselves up from the bottom of our souls. We played the boss/secretary roles, teacher/student, princess and palace slave, and even priest/confessor one kinky night. We did everything!

After a while we began to get bored with the standard sex scenes we’d come up with so far, and decided to take our sex life up to the next level. So one day, just for fun, she decided to tie me up. She tied me to her bed with my hands and feet lashed to each of the four posts, and put a blindfold on me as well, just to tease me even more.

“There,” she said. “Now I have you exactly where I want you!”

“Woe is me,” I commented sarcastically, knowing this would end up being a lot of fun.

“Whatever shall I do with you?” she purred, running her fingers all over my hot, naked body.

“Whatever you want, darling,” I replied.

I felt her tongue taking little licks of my body here and there, lapping up little beads of swear wherever she found them, always moving toward my cock, but turning away at the last second. Her ample tits brushed across my slippery body as she moved here and there above me. I was as hard as a rock and began to whimper after a while.

“I’m gonna get you back for all this teasing, you little bitch!” I threatened her.

“Oh a bitch am I?” she laughed. “I’ll show you a bitch!”

Suddenly she took the full length of my cock into her mouth and sucked on it, hard and fast. Her lips sank down to the base of it and she swirled her tongue around the shaft as she pulled off of it, and slid back down again.

“Oh, god! Oh, baby, yeah! That’s so nice!” I stammered, beginning to feel dizzy in my head from all the teasing.

“You like that?” she asked, releasing my cock from her mouth with a wet pop of suction.

“Oh, yes! Please don’t stop!” I begged.

“Actually,” she said, “I think I’ll head out to the store for a drink…”

“What?!?” I gasped. “No! Finish what you started! Get undressed and fuck me, you bitch!”

I pulled and kicked at the ropes holding me down, but she just laughed.

“See you in a while, lover boy,” she chuckled.

“Nooooooo!” I hollered in frustration. But she was gone. Far away down stairs I heard the door slam. All I could do was just lay there in frustration while my impatient hard on twitched and throbbed in the open air.

“Man, am I ever gonna get her back, and good!” I swore to myself, kicking and fighting the ropes some more. If I could get free I would grab her and rape her the second she walked in the door. She would love that!

But alas, I could not free myself. The more I pulled the tighter the ropes became. So I gave up and just relaxed. It was a hot summer afternoon and I was soaking with sweat, and panting in the upstairs bedroom, frustrated and horny as hell.

Moments later I heard the door slam downstairs again. Was she back so soon? She couldn’t have gotten to the store that quickly. Perhaps she had changed her mind and come back again. I lay quietly waiting for her to return and service me.

Then I heard quiet footsteps coming up the stairs and heard the door open. When I heard the door open I said, “I can’t believe you just left me like this you cruel bitch! Now get over here and fuck me.”

She didn’t answer. I lay there, naked and wet with sweat, my every muscle tense with frustration.

“You’re still holding out on me?” I asked, exasperated. Perhaps if I teased her into submission she would give in. “Look at this hard on I’ve got here,” I said. “Just waiting for you. Think how nice it’ll feel inside you, filling your cunt up to the very top. Get over here and fuck me! Mount up on this hot, sweaty body, baby and use me for all I’m worth. I’m helpless. I’m yours for the taking…”

She paused a bit more and then I heard her approach the bed.

“Good girl,” I said. “Now get those wet little panties off and climb aboard.”

Her hand brushed over my abs, tracing a line in the sweat with her slippery little fingers. My cock throbbed in the breeze. She reached out and began stroking me with her hand. She was slow and more gentle than usual, teasing me more and more with each passing moment. But I have to admit I loved it.

“Oh, yeah! That’s it…” I coaxed her. “Put your mouth on it, baby.”

After another moment’s hesitation she stooped down and took it into her mouth. Suddenly the head of my cock was surrounded in her warm luscious little mouth once again. She took slower strokes this time, almost as if it was the first time she had ever done it. Was this some game she was playing? She was usually so aggressive when going down on me, but now she was slow and hesitant like a nervous teenager, or like someone who hadn’t given head in a very long time. Perhaps she was role-playing or something. I didn’t really care. My cock was just happy to finally have some female attention.

Her glorious mouth work continued and her fingers tickled my balls. I coaxed her breathlessly to continue, complimenting her on her sensuous new technique.

“You’re gonna make me come soon,” I said. “Do you want it in your mouth now or do you want to fuck me first?”

She stopped and pulled her sweetly swirling mouth away, leaving my cock throbbing helplessly in the open air once again. She stood up and I heard her slowly slide her panties down.  Something was wrong. Normally she loved taking my come in her mouth. This was not like her at all! She never missed an opportunity to swallow a thick hot load of my come when it was offered to her. Surely this was part of some game she was playing.

“So you’re gonna fuck me then,” I said, ever so carefully. I did not want her to take off and leave me suffering again. “Yeah, look at that cock baby… You can’t resist… Take it inside you. You know you want it…”

She hesitated once more, torturing me as the seconds passed. Then finally dropped her panties to the floor and stepped out of them. I hadn’t heard her pants come off though, and that was weird. I puzzled over that for a brief moment while I waited for her to straddle me. She swung a leg over and I felt a skirt brush across my stomach. A skirt!?! She had been wearing jeans 10 minutes ago!

I felt her heated vulva nestle itself up against the head of my cock and her hand guided it to the entrance of her womanhood. I slipped inside her with a lubricious little pop as I pressed into the tightness of her warm little cunt. She slowly sank back onto me, applying just enough pressure to take the head and a few inches in. She exhaled deeply, trembling at the feel of it.

It wasn’t her! I was certain of it now. Whoever it was that was rocking her pelvis so sweetly above me, slowly sinking her hot little cunt down onto my cock, it definitely wasn’t my girlfriend!

Her breathing was different. She sank herself down onto me to the very hairs. Her motions were different, and the feel of her cunt was different. This cunt was smaller, shallower. I thrust upward with renewed excitement, stretching her tightness with my aggressive manhood. She sighed with the satisfaction of a thoroughly cock-filled woman. If it wasn’t her, then who was it?

Slowly, deliberately, she massaged me inside her hungry little cunt, churning and gyrating on me as she slid up and down the length of my cock. Her hands pressed into my chest as she fucked me, and her nails dug into me a little as I banged my cock upward in helpless passion. 

Could it be her friend Kristen? She had a key to my girlfriend’s place and was always dropping by at the most inappropriate times, interrupting our love making to complain about her own frustrating sexual abstinence.  Perhaps this was all a set up! Perhaps my girlfriend had planned all this to give Kristen the taste of cock she had been missing all this time! They had been best friends since grade school and they used to share everything. But sharing me? That was something else!

Still I wasn’t quiet certain it was her. Maybe if I could get her to talk.

“Oh, baby! That’s nice,” I murmured up at her. “How’s that feel for you?”

In answer she ground down harder grinding her cervix across the underside of my cock head. Her breath flowed out of her, restrained by her efforts to keep silent. Her hands moved to the bed on each side of me and I could smell the sweetness of her breath. I wanted a kiss she would not give.

Perhaps it was her sister. A hot little teen vixen, my girlfriend’s little sister Susan was just the type to sneak a quick fuck in on her big sister’s man. She was the rebellious, competitive type, and I’d secretly had fantasies about fucking her the few times we’d met. She was a little cock tease, always wearing short skirts and giving me little flashes of her panties when her sister wasn’t looking.

But would she be bold enough to go all the way and fuck me? The cunt on me throbbed and squeezed as the girl rode up and down on my rocking pelvis. If it was her little sister she sure had some good moves for a eighteen year old. Her pelvis swirled and swayed, back and forth and around and around as she fought to take as much of me in as she could, grinding her clit against my pelvic bone with each forward thrust. She was so small that a little of my dick at the base of my shaft was being neglected, even when I fucked forward to the very top of her cunt.

I thrust forcefully upward, trying to elicit some sort of vocal response that would give the mystery woman away. She grunted slightly, but not enough for me to identify her. She leaned all the way back, bracing her hands on my thighs and fucked back and forth across me, dragging my cock around inside her as she moved. This angle offered a whole new heaven of pleasure and I whimpered like a little boy at the feel of it.

Damn! Who was it? Who else had a key to her house? Michele, her sister-in-law? She had stopped by once to pick something up a few times. But no! It couldn’t be her could it? She was sort of a stuck up type of about 21 or so, who seemed to look down on my girlfriend and I? She was a hottie though.

How awesome it would be if it was her! I had lusted over her a few times. I walked in on her once while she was changing and she didn’t even bother to cover herself up. She just gave me this I’m-too-good-for-you look said “Can I help you?” I stood and stared at her hot, shapely little body for a moment and thought what a lucky man her husband was to have access to those beautiful tits. Then I apologized half-heartedly and left.

But would she risk fucking me like this, when her sister-in-law could walk in at any time? Actually judging by her lewdness in not even bothering to cover herself from my view of her full frontal nudity I thought maybe she was just whorish enough to take such an exciting risk. After all I wasn’t too bad looking myself, and her condescending, domineering attitude was perhaps a sign of a woman who might get off on raping a helpless man, in spite of the risk of getting busted. Maybe it was her.

The woman’s pace quickened as she neared her orgasm. I felt mine simmering up as well as she wound such delicious pleasures into my cock with every little motion of her body. I worked my cock in and out of her, synchronizing my upward thrusts with her downward motions, and we worked out a clumsy little rhythm as I struggle desperately to figure out who I was really fucking. It would all be over soon though…

There was Gina, her neighbor as well. Could it be her? That was the only other possibility. I had seen her stop over and borrow a cup of sugar, or a bottle of wine on occasion. She was new in the neighborhood, a sweet young thing that had recently moved over from Europe to live with her aunt and uncle next door to my girlfriend’s house. She was hot as well. The kind of girl who you’d think was made specifically to fuck.

Sexuality seemed to ooze from her even when she was not even trying. She was perhaps 18 or 19 maybe with the most gorgeous accent, and such a hot ass. If only my hands were free! I could reach up and identify the woman by her tits and ass, or maybe the length of her hair.

I strained against the ropes. This excited the woman on top of me as my muscles flexed and struggled to grab a hold of her. Her pace quickened. I moaned in pleasure at the juicy fucking she was giving me, but still she made no sound.

Gina was kind of dumb as well though, perhaps too dumb to make such an effort to conceal her identity. Perhaps though, she was dumb enough to walk in on a man tied to a bed and just start fucking him regardless of the risks involved. I had no idea. Damn!

Suddenly the girl gave a little squeak and a shudder and her cunt clamped down on me as she was brought to the brink of orgasm. The clenching of her cunt increased the pleasure 500% all of the sudden, and I was brought off as well.

I began spewing my come deep inside of her, whoever she was, and grunted helplessly beneath her as my orgasm was dragged out of me by her jerky orgasmic motions. Her pelvic thrusting slowed as she milked my cock for all it was worth, and soon I was spent. The girl shuddered out her orgasm to a panting conclusion and collapsed on top of me. Her hair spilled onto my cheek.

“Oh damn, baby!” I said, gently swirling my contented cock around in her twitch vaginal grip. “That was so nice!”

She exhaled her satisfaction in response and slowly pulled herself off my cock. Who was it? I thought desperately. The sex-starved Kristen? The cock-teasing little Susan? The high and mighty Michele? or the sweet Gina beauty Hannah? I still had no idea as the young woman picked up a nearby towel and wiped my cock and balls clean of our hurried sexual union. 

Then she left me. The door slammed behind her and she was gone.

A few minutes later my girlfriend returned, “It smells like come in here,” she  said. “What have you been doing?”

“What the hell could I do? I’ve been tied to this bed waiting for you for the past twenty minutes!”

She leaned forward and sniffed my cock suspiciously, but then she just dismissed it and began stroking me to hardness once again. 

“You’re right, my little slave,” she giggled sensuously. “What could you do?”

She sucked my cock, greedily swallowed my second load of the afternoon, and then mounted me. We fucked all afternoon until I was sore from it, and she marveled at my stamina, not realizing that she was trying to fuck the third load out of me as opposed to the second. But she did not complain.

She had a half dozen or so orgasms before I finally yielded a load of my own. She jumped from my crotch and took it into her mouth, finishing me off with a gorgeous oral suction that seemed to draw the very life from me. It was beautiful, as always.

I never did tell her about my little secret. I watched the four women who I might have fucked that day very closely. None of them ever gave even the slightest hint that it was her. None of them changed their behavior toward me in any way after that day. To this day I still don’t know who the mystery woman was. All I have is the memory of the motions, the feel of her cunt and the sweet little squeak she let out when she came. It haunts me to this day.

The next big thing my girlfriend and I have been discussing lately is pulling in another woman into her sexual adventures for a hot little three-way, and wouldn’t you know it, the four candidates she chose were Kristen, Susan, Michele, and Gina. Kristen because she is so sex starved, and a trusted intimate friend. Susan because she’s a rebellious little bitch who needs to be taught how to surrender to a powerful cock. Michele because I’d heard from her brother that she’s a wild little slut in bed, and Gina because she’s simply so damn sexy.

Perhaps as this story progresses I may figure out once and for all who it was that one hot summer afternoon. If I do, I’ll let you know.

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