Present Yourself

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The slave stands waiting, knowing he had to please his Mistress.  

Mistress welcomes him into her dungeon.  “Well slave, are you ready for me?”

“Yes Mistress” he replies, standing naked, eyes looking downward,hands clasped behind his back in a classic submissive pose.

“Have you figured out how you’ll present yourself to me?”  she asked,inquiring about their arrangement whereby slave would make himself a present to Mistress for her pleasure.

“Yes Mistress, I’m ready.  I’ll  put my body in bondage for your pleasure, I’ll also put myself into a serious amount of pain and punishment that I can’t to escape from; unless you release me.   I hope to please you” he said.

“Hmmm that depends on how much you suffer … at your own hand.”  “Proceed.”  she ordered.

Slave went to the equipment cupboard and removed various bondage items and sex toys.  Mistress stepped backwards and sat in her chair to watch her slave put himself into some extreme bondage.   She knew he liked self bondage, this time with a twist; he had no way of freeing himself once completed.

Slave started the process.   He fastened leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles, he loved the feel of the padded leather.  Don then fastened a 3″ wide leather collar around his neck, as he tightened the buckles he started becoming serious aroused.

He glanced towards Mistress, and noticed she looked a little bored.   Slave quickly took a length of thin cotton cord and proceeded to tie a loop around the base of his cock and balls followed by a second loop and tied that around his scrotum.  He continued looping and tying until his balls were stretched and his cock was hard.  Slave then tied off a large loop that hung free from his balls; he felt like whacking off right there but he kept his mind on his mission to please his Mistress.

`I can’t let him see how hot this is making me.  I just want to grab him and fuck his brains out!  Must keep an aloof attitude, make him worry’  Alexandria thought.

He continued with his self bondage by placing a latex blindfold, a leather hood, spring nipple clamps and several unlocked padlocks on the padded bondage bench.

The bench was made from a steel frame with a thickly padded wooden top.  It stood about waist height – which was really handy for their games.  Heavy duty eye bolts were fitted all round the bench top at about 6″ intervals.   The bench top had various strategically placed holes of various sizes that could be used for interesting purposes.  Don had hand crafted this bench and finished it off with calf leather covering.   They had both used the bench in many scenes together.

Don then fitted a bondage harness over his shoulders and around his waist.  The harness had various straps including thigh straps all of which he fastened firmly.   The leather bondage harness has various D rings on the main waist belt and the thigh straps.

`This is going to be the heaviest bondage we have done, self or other; I hope Alexandria is getting turned on’ Don thought.   He took a length of thin rope and tied 2kgs (about 4 lbs) of lead weights to one end, he then ran the rope through the pulley hanging from the ceiling, pulled the weights has high as they would go tying the rope to an eye bolt at the top of the bondage bench with a quick release slip knot.

He then took six more padlocks and lengths of chain and fastened one end of these to the bondage table using the heavy duty eye bolts.   He left the other padlocks hanging loosely from each chain.

He was so engrossed in his activity that he had not looked at Mistress for a while, he glanced over at her and noticed she was now playing with her pussy through her panties.  `Great! Maybe she will go easy on me, or better still she will really hurt me’ he thought.

Alexandria felt herself getting hot and wet as her slave prepared himself for her exclusive usage.  `Don, my love, you are going to suffer’ she thought to herself.

Slave went to a table by the door and retrieved a red envelope which he put on the bench.  He fitted a condom to a inflatable butt plug and then applied a generous amount of “wet stuff”.   Slave started fingering his butt hole, gently easing butt rose open so that he was able to insert the butt plug.   He then cleaned his hand on some tissues and proceeded to pump up the butt plug to near maximum size.

“Mistress I am nearly ready, please open this envelope when I lock my right wrist in place.”  he asked.  Alexandria just smiled.

Next, Don fitted a ball gag to his mouth and fastened it behind his head.   `Geez I feel so horny; nearly at the point of no return’ he thought.

Slave stepped up onto the bench placed open pad locks on the bench ready for his restriction.   He used a padlock to fasten his left ankle to his left thigh and to the chain he had previously fixed to the side of the bench.  He repeated the exercise for his right leg.   This was a little difficult but he finally managed to get the padlock set.  Don was now `frog tied’.

He then reached behind himself and released the weighted rope. The he tied the end of the rope to the loop of cord hanging from his cock and balls.  Slowly letting the rope free, his cock and balls started being stretched by the weights hanging from the pulley.  `What the fuck am I doing; Alexandria is going to make me pay for this’ Don thought.

The next step was fairly simple, slave padlocked the D rings on each side of the bondage harness to chains attached to the sides of the bench.   His wrists would be locked to the same D rings in a short time.

The final packaging was a reasonably simple.  He lay back and fastened a chain across his waist through the D rings and secured the chain with a padlock.

Slave Don fitted the spring nipple clamps to his nipples and let them bite into his flesh.  He felt the pain and knew he would be feeling a lot more pain once Mistress started.   Then he took the latex blindfold, placed it across his eyes and fastened it firmly behind his head.

Slave then pulled the leather hood over his head and tightened each of the hood straps, fastening each buckle firmly.   `All feel from now, I hope she likes It’ Don thought as he got closer to his final lock.  The deal was that Don could cop out with a safe word up until his final lock, but once his self bondage was complete Alexandria had total control.

The last set of chain was fed through the D ring on his collar and padlocked safely in place.   Don had to finish his bondage in darkness unable to lift his head or body.

Carefully slave reached down to the bondage harness and felt for the second to last padlock waiting to be used to lock his left wrist to the D ring on the left side of the bondage harness, after a little twisting of his wrist he managed to click the lock shut.

Finally he took the last padlock in his right hand and managed to lock his right wrist to the harness.

He was completely bound and helpless; this he had done to himself.  `I hope Mistress Alexandria will like what I’ve done for her and maybe she will fuck me good and proper’ he thought.
The spring nipple clamps were taking effect and the weights had caused his cock and balls to be stretched and turn a very deep purple in colour.    `This is not hurting too much and I’m getting really turned on he thought.   When will Mistress read my note and start her games’ he wondered, as he tried to twist and relieve the drag on his cock and balls.
Mistress watched slave Don squirm, and felt her pussy juices flow as she saw here slave place himself in this impossible position just to please her.   She opened the envelope after slave had finished his self bondage.  He continued twisting and squirming as she read, hardly able to move or relieve himself at all…

  Dear Mistress Alexandria
  If you are reading this then I should be bound and be in pain for your pleasure.  The only way for me to leave this situation is for you to release me.

  I give myself to you as a present.   Please punish my body in any way that pleases you.

  Your slave.


The note is a nice touch she thought.  Mistress knew the punishments that this slave needed.  She retrieved  a selection of toys for pain and punishment from the cupboard.  She looked at the clock, he had only been fully bound for a few minutes.  `He can wait, and I’m horny’ she thought as she lay back on the bed and watched his impossible struggle to free himself.  `Fuck! he makes me hot; I bet he is expecting me to start working on him immediately’ she smiled to herself.

As Alexandria watched her Don, she realised how much he really loved her.   Alexandria slid her panties off, they had become quite damp, and started gently fingering herself.  Soon she had a steady rhythm as her fingers plunged into her moist pussy and then dragged back up over her throbbing clit.   Alexandria continued as the waves of pleasure built up, her left hand was now tweaking her own nipples.   She closed her eyes as she brought herself to a quick strong orgasm.  She lay on the bed for a few minutes just absorbing the feelings.

`Don!’ she remembered, glancing at the clock she realised he had been left for about 15 minutes.  Oh well, it was his choice she smiled as she saw that he was still squirming.

How long will she leave me here? though Don, his balls were aching and his nipples had gone numb; he felt like he had been left for 30 or 40 minutes.   He had broken out in a sweat from his struggles, no way was he able to free himself.  `I’ve done a great job – too good.  Where is she?’  he wondered.

She started by twisting his nipple clamps to get his attention.  He spasmed from the surprise and pain.  Slave started making muffled noises and trying to arch his back, not that this helped.   He felt his nipples intensely as Mistress twisted and the numbness left.  At least she has not forgotten me he realised.

Alexandria took the riding crop, which she used on the inside of his thighs to good effect.   The first two stokes, one on each inner thigh made slave squirm more.  Mistress continued slowly on his inner thighs, working strokes towards slave’s anus and some around the base of his tied cock.   After a few dozen strokes slave was struggling very hard against his restraints to no avail, he had completely restricted himself.

`Oh fuck fuck fuck… this hurts’ he thought as he tried to no avail to pull free.  `This is so hot, I cannot get away and my Mistress is really hurting me – heaven!’ Don thought.

Mistress continued with a small flogger to torment slaves stretched scrotum, again he bucked. Each swish of the flogger made slave tense, as he relaxed Mistress struck again.  She continued for about 20 little strokes.  She heard his deep breathing as he struggled with the pain she was inflicting upon his helpless body.  After each stroke he relaxed slightly only to feel the pull on is tied cock and balls and the pain caused by the bite of the nipple clamps.

Yet, despite the pain, he was incredibly turned on.  His cock was a deep purple in colour, throbbing with excitement.

She returned to his nipples, tugging hard on each clamp, stretching each nipple, just to make him cry out in agony.  She continued torturing his nipples for a minute or so, to slave Don it felt like many minutes.   Her sadistic streak was showing.

Then suddenly, removing the nipple clamps she knew the returning blood flow would be felt by her slave, to enhance the effect she tormented each nipple with the riding crop.

Mistress continued tormenting her slave, using various paddles and floggers, for another ten minutes.  She heard his pants and muffled screams as she tortured him.

Finally she released the weights that were dragging on his cock and balls.   “Ahhhhhh ooooohhh” cried Don into his gag, this was a big relief.

By now Mistress’s pussy was dripping and wanted her slave to service her.   She removed the hood and the gag but left the blindfold in place.  She then climbed onto the bench and straddled slaves face.  “Please me now” she commanded.  He started using his tongue to please her.   He lapped up the juice dripping from her pussy and worked his tongue around her love hole, then lightly flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue.

Slowly increasing the pressure with his tongue she started mewing as the level of pleasure increased.   He drove his tongue deep in her love hole, then slid it up across her clit.

Then he took her clit between his lips and started sucking, lightly at first, then more and more.  As he sucked Mistresses clit her whole started shuddering with pre-orgasmic pleasure.  He could feel wave after wave of sexual energy flow through her body and mind as he intensified his mouth action.  Soon she started cumming.  As each wave of orgasmic pleasure hit, he just sucked her clit harder.   She was in ecstasy and exploded in multiple tidal waves of pleasure.

Slave was in great pain.   His balls were still tied.  He said nothing as she took in another very intense orgasm.   Alexandria moved herself down away from her slave’s mouth and took some deep breaths as she came down from her pleasure.

“Well my slut slave, you have done well – that was good, maybe I should leave you there as you seem to make me happy” she mused.   “Your balls will go black, and that might not be so good for me so I’ll untie your poor little cock”.  Mistress stepped off the bench and untied her slave’s cock and balls.

“What do you say slave?”

“Thank you very much, Mistress” he responded. 

She gave him several strokes with the flogger across his nipples.  “Don’t forget your manners you slut” she said.  “If he thinks I’ve finished, he has another thought coming” she thought to herself.

`What the? My own fault I guess; I gave her total control’ thought Don. He was expecting to be released.

Mistress stepped back up onto the bench and straddled slave face again.   “You should be more grateful to me.   At least make yourself useful, I need to pee” she said.

He opened his mouth.   This was a game they had played a few times in the past, but not while he was bound like this.   Mistress started releasing a golden flow into his mouth.  Don drank deeply knowing she would punish him if he spilt any of her precious fluid.  `After all I’ve had been through my love is still finding ways to mess with my head’ he thought as he drank the warm salty metallic tasting fluid.

Mistress stepped off the bench took a plastic cup from the table.  She then walked back to her slave and started working his cock with her hand using long strokes.  She continued masturbating his cock with shorter and faster strokes, knowing he would cum quickly.  She did not care for his pleasure, she was just milking him.

She was working his cock quickly now as she wanted a big load from him ASAP.  Soon he was about to cum, he said “Cumming Mistress”, as he knew what she wanted.   He started shooting his load, she caught his cum in the plastic cup.  Mistress milked his cock dry catching most of his cum in her cup.

“Open your mouth” she said.   Mistress took the cup and poured his load slowly back into his mouth.   He drank – it was her way on keeping him humiliated.

After he had drunk his own cum Alexandria started French kissing her favourite slave, tasting the remanent of his cum, her pee and her juices in his mouth.

Mistress then placed a key in her slave’s hand.  “You may release yourself”.

“Thank you Mistress”

Don proceeded to undo all of the bondage, in the reverse order he had put himself into it.   This took several minutes to achieve.   He then stood naked before Mistress.

She fondled his cock and balls, then French kissed him as he stood before her.  She took her slave to the bed and they lay together as she held him close.

After about 10 minutes she parted her legs.  He knelt on the floor in front of her open legs.  He kissed between her legs, gently moving closer to her love hole lips.   His tongue slowly probed her pussy.   Don took his time as he knew Mistress did not like being rushed.

He reached up with his hands and massaged her breasts and nipples, as he knew she liked.   `Mmmmm, that is so good’ she thought as she felt her pussy tingle as Don played her breasts and explored her pussy.

Soon his tongue was working at her clit and occasionally slipping deep into her vagina.   Slowly increasing the pressure with his tongue she started mewing as the level of pleasure increased.

He drove his tongue deep in her love hole, then slid it up across her clit.  Don the started working his fingers into her love channel, focusing on the inner front, her g-spot.  “Mnnnn” she moaned as she arched her back in response to Don’s stimulation.

Finally he focused his tongue exclusively on her love button as his fingers gently caressed her g-spot just inside her love tunnel.

Her hips rose as she neared climax.   She felt every part of her body tense as she climbed to an intense deep orgasm.   The orgasmic pleasure exploded through every nerve in her body.   Rather than let it all stop, Don continued working her clit and pussy, ensuring a very deep and long set of sensual waves.

He kept pleasuring her gently with his tongue as she came, her legs locked around his head.  She trembled with pleasure as Don continued playing her into an almost continual wave of orgasmic pleasure for several minutes.

Alexandria let her legs relax and then Don climbed back on the bed and held her tightly.

After she recovered she spoke gently “Thankyou my love, next time we’ll see how creative I can get.”  “Maybe I might out do you, lets see if I can surprise you” she bragged.

The Master rose, dressed and started contemplating what he might do when his slut presented herself to him in their next adventure.

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