My Turn

by on Oct.07, 2009, under BDSM

The heat of the sun…

The feeling of her cock in my ass…

The helplessness of being taken…

These are what I remember most about that afternoon…

As we lay naked together, on the sofa in the morning light, she turned to me and gently said, “I want you to get dressed.” She was smiling softly, and a little sadly, at the thought of what she was about to do to me. What I needed her to do to me. Her clear brown eyes were fixed on mine, in quiet authority, assumed as easily as breathing; her hand touched mine, loving and dismissing me at once.

I stood, heart already beating more quickly, and went upstairs to obey her. As I went I looked around, letting the scene sink deeply into me.

We were together in a redwood cabin, alone together in a meadow in the middle of the woods. The front of the house was mostly glass, with windows fifteen feet tall letting in the warm sun of the young day outside. Bright glowing green of the grass, the musty green and brown of the trees, and the wide blue of the cloudless sky. It was late spring in California, and already it was warm enough by far in the sun for clothing to be strictly optional. Or strictly pleasurable.

The meadow stretched maybe fifty feet around one side of the house, with the soft grass growing about two feet tall. Put a blanket down and it formed a comfortable cushion. The high bushes around the forest edge fenced off the meadow from most of the area around; the solitude was complete. And I had already given her permission to do what she would with me.

I walked quickly but with poise up the stairs; anything less would be unworthy of my mistress. At the top of the stairs was our bedroom. I sat on the bed and pulled my outfit from the chest of drawers, knowing what she wanted me to wear; we’d agreed that morning as we ate breakfast. We have very similar tastes!

First the fishnet body stocking. She had worn it yesterday, when our roles had been reversed, and I had had her chained to a tree behind the house. It had some more holes now, and I was sure it would be good for nothing by the end of our time together today. It stretched around me, the hair on my legs and chest obscured by its clinging weave. My cock started to swell as I looked down at myself, running my hands over my body. I’m rather proud of my long legs, and I liked how the fishnets looked on them.

Next the corset. I wrapped its black satin around my waist, fastening the busk and tightening the laces behind my back (top down then bottom up, as always). It tightened smoothly around me, hugging me. I left the laces fairly loose as I wasn’t sure how severe my mistress wanted me to be. Nonetheless the compression felt as good as it ever had, making me even more aware of my body. Corsets always make me feel like sex–they’re pretty much purely for pleasure.

Next the skirt, a little black PVC number that wasn’t long enough even to completely conceal my cock. Its head peeked from under the lip of the skirt, deliciously naughty. The shiny material clung and stretched over my ass as I zipped it up.

Finally, the boots. Thigh-high black latex boots. I slipped them on my feet and zipped them up from inside the ankle up to above the knee, and as I did they stretched around my legs. Standing up in them raised me another five inches off the floor, though they fit so well I could wear them for hours. (As long as I wasn’t standing.)

I was now fully dressed, if “fully” is a good word for wearing barely enough to cover my ass, with the fishnet appearing above the corset and on my thighs above the skintight boots. I was feeling nastier by the minute, and rapidly becoming very turned on.

“Slave?” her voice came from below. I hurried to the stairs.

“Yes, mistress?”

“Ah! I’m glad to see you dressed already!” she said, smiling up at me.

I looked down at her, those wonderful eyes above a smile that was now less sad and more wicked. Her nudity, so simple and innocent next to my debauched slut clothes, confirmed her mastery of what was happening; just her long brown hair falling across her lovely breasts, and the feathers of her pubic hair between her legs.

I went quickly down the stairs into her arms, as she hugged me, bringing my mouth down to hers with one hand while another went around to my ass. We kissed slowly and wetly, and I hugged her, feeling her push her leg between mine, making me rub my cock against her leg. She pulled away, still smiling, and I almost moaned.

Her smile crinkled slightly as she looked me over. “Your corset isn’t anywhere near tight enough, I’m afraid,” she grinned as she spun me around and unzipped my skirt. “Oh, look at that little tramp ass of yours!” She began tightening the corset properly–I gasped and grabbed the wall, as my balance wasn’t so great after that kiss. One thorough tightening later my breathing was far more constricted, and I was feeling a lot more helpless.

“Thank you, mistress,” I gasped. She zipped my skirt back up, not before reaching between my legs to stroke me, which made me squirm again.

She turned away, saying, “Come over here, my sweet slave! I need to put you in bondage, to make sure you don’t go touching yourself or running away.” She walked to the coffee table, on which was an assortment of straps she’d picked out from our toy collection. I followed her, hands together behind my back, taking short graceful steps, and stopped behind her.

I love bondage, and she knows it. She uses it to reward me when I serve her especially well, and to make sure I cannot escape whatever torment she wants to cause me when she so chooses. I especially love being dressed like a slut and then bound and teased with my own hunger for sex. She uses this to heighten her own pleasure, with explosive results!

She turned me around and buckled a collar around my neck. This two-inch collar had the buckle in the front, as at the back of my neck a leather strap looped around it. The strap descended down my back, with another buckle between my shoulder blades, below which two padded wrist cuffs were attached, one above the other. At the bottom a waist belt went through another loop in the strap. She buckled the belt snugly over the corset, leaving me collared and belted in black leather, with two wrist cuffs in the middle of my back like a saddle of sorts.

I bent forward a bit, experimentally, and felt the pressure increase on the front of my neck. The back strap pulled on the collar if I bent too far, but not uncomfortably. I simply had to keep erect posture. The belt even tightened the corset. “This feels great, mistress!”

“That’s good, slave. Now give me your hands!” She gripped my left wrist and moved it behind my back, placing it in the cuff and buckling the cuff tight. Then the other wrist, and now my arms were held crossed behind my back, one wrist above the other, the padding making it possible for her to tighten the cuffs until there was not the slightest chance of pulling free. My arms were completely useless to me now, serving only to help slightly in my balance. Fortunately I had lots of practice in walking on heels without the use of my arms.

I pulled against the cuffs. Nothing except a tug on my collar and my belt. She tightened the back strap a notch, making my struggles even less effectual. “Ah!” she said, “I think that’s about right.”

“Yes, Mistress!” I agreed, my face flushing just a little from the pressure of the collar, as well as the distinct awareness that I was now well and truly at her mercy. There was no way I could reach the straps that trapped my wrists, unless I could push one free of its buckle… but she was still fiddling with the cuffs, and click, I heard a small lock close, and knew she had placed the lock through a hole in one wrist strap. Now I could not unbuckle the cuff without unlocking that lock, and another click ended any chance of escape.

She stepped back and walked around me slowly, smiling. I stood, head held high by the collar, breathing unevenly, my chest thrust out by the corset and by my posture. My arms felt attached to my back; I was intensely aware she was free to touch me in any way she chose, and there would be nothing I could do about it.

She grabbed my nipples and pulled me close to her, fiercely saying “Now you’re mine, you little fuck slut toy!” while pinching and twisting my nipples. I tried to step back but couldn’t–she’d have pulled my nipples off. She kissed me on my jaw, a kiss that turned into a bite, sliding her teeth along my neck above the collar. I closed my eyes and tried to stay standing.

Then she slipped to her knees and lifted my skirt, and licked the head of my growing cock before taking it into her mouth. I couldn’t look down at her, all I could do was feel the slickness of her mouth and her teasing tongue–and she stood up again and pulled my skirt down. “I’m going to have to beat you, slave,” she said, holding me by the collar and speaking directly to me. “But first I’m going to put some jewelry on you.”

My mistress’s jewelry usually hurts, and as she picked up a handful of French clothespins I knew today was no exception. French clothespins are simple rubberized black wire. She held one pair which was connected by a fine black chain, and she placed it on my nipples, first pinching each to get a lot of nipple in the bite of the clothespin. She hung a couple of snap hooks from the chain, to make the clips pull harder, and to swing back and forth when I walked. Then she held two more clothespins to my earlobes, and I froze.

I don’t have any ear piercings, and the one previous time she’d tried clothespins on my ears, it had been too much for me. But now she was talking to me, putting me under her spell. “Slave, I want you to do this for me. If you ever get your ears pierced–which I know you want to do — it will hurt much worse than these, for hours and hours. I know you can take it.”

“As you wish, Mistress,” I said, a little shakily.

She put one on, and letting go I felt as though it was stabbing me in the ear. The pain went deep, spiky and shining. She put the other one on me and it doubled, though now it was even on both sides of my body, which made it easier. I breathed, and breathed, letting the pain go, pulling at my bondage and feeling the corset squeeze me whenever I inhaled. “That’s very good,” she told me, “keep breathing like that.”

Now the pain was glowing, still very bright, but no longer drowning out the rest of the sensations I was feeling. She tugged on the nipple clamps, drawing my mouth to hers, and the sweetness of our kiss made the last urge to call safeword dissipate completely. I gave in to the mock earrings, letting them hurt me and get me wet. In fact I could feel my cock dripping, as usual when she got me in this condition.

“Now you wait here,” she said, guiding me to the edge of the sofa and letting me sit. “I need to get dressed myself.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I replied, happily turning to look out once again at the radiant morning. I felt very exposed here in the glass-fronted house. What if someone came up the driveway? There would be nothing I could do–collared, cuffed, corseted as I was. I couldn’t even try to escape. I was afraid and excited, hungry to be touched and used.

I couldn’t sit still; I stood and paced around the sofa, nervous and horny. I felt like my mistress’s pet, my hands and arms buckled behind my back, collared, my nipples clamped, wearing the high boots. Her stallion, or her mare, as she chose. What would she do to me? Would she take me outside? Would she leave me there, bound and helpless?

It was so bright out! The sky really was completely cloudless, and now the entire meadow was sunny, the dew already drying off the grass. The tall, quiet trees on all sides were the audience at this performance. I wondered what kind of show they were about to see.

I was facing the stairs when she came to the top and started down. She had changed into an orange spandex top, which did very little to conceal her full breasts with their hard nipples. Her black leather miniskirt went with the belt she had on, from which dangled some whips and keys. She was wearing a leather garter belt (I could just see the garters, the skirt was so short) and simple black stockings and heels. She looked very, very sexy, coming for me!

She saw me watching her, and stopped on the stairs, her eyes lowering and her lips curling in a sensuous smile. Her hand dropped down between her legs, where she stroked herself… and pulled her skirt up to reveal a six-inch silicone dildo, buckled snugly into the black leather dildo harness she wore! Her smile widened as quickly as my eyes, and I groaned as I imagined her putting it inside me, in my slut pussy asshole.

She almost skipped down the stairs and was up against me, rubbing her cock against my leg while she pulled on my nipple chain to bring my face to hers. She kissed me so openly and lustfully it took my breath away. “Ah, yes, slave!” she laughed, pulling back, “I am going to have FUN with you!

“Come over here and stand by the door,” she said, leading me by the nipple chain. I pranced behind her (high-stepping in the boots out of exuberance) and stopped. She opened the door, and pulled me out into the sunny day!

I stopped just a few feet out onto the front porch. It was warm in the sun, and comfortable, even with as few and as scanty clothes as I was wearing. “Now stay right there,” she said, patting my ass through the skirt. I stuck it out in the hopes she would hit it for real, but she just laughed and said, “You little slut, I’m really going to have to punish you for being so greedy. Now stand there and look around at where you are, and think about what’s between my legs.”

“Yes, mistress!” I answered, doing as requested. The breeze was soft, just enough to caress my skin. The sun warmed my whole body, relaxing me and calming me somewhat. The gentle sounds and smells of nature grounded me, brought me even more fully into the moment.

But I was now definitely unprotected by any walls at all, completely exposed to the world. I looked around at the trees. Anyone could come through anytime, and I would be theirs for the taking! The utter shamelessness of it thrilled me so deeply I had to squirm my legs together and rub my cock against my skirt and my legs for the small pleasure it brought.

My mistress returned quickly and stepped around in front of me, kissing me again, then raising her hand which held both a crop and a cane. “Open your mouth, slave,” she said, and as I did she put them both between my teeth. “I want you to hold onto those, and follow me, carefully,” she said, looking into my eyes. “Are you in your body enough to do that safely?”

“Uh huh,” I grimaced around the mouthful of wood and leather. She knew well that I might be too turned on to stay upright walking through that field in five-inch latex thigh boots.

“Very good, slave!” she smiled, attaching a leash to my collar. She bent to pick up a handful of toys, two pillows, and a large blanket, and led me down the steps, out into the meadow.

The grass was still cool, but warming quickly. I tried to take high, slow steps, and instantly found out I had to keep all my weight on my toes–my spike heels just sank into the earth! Fortunately the boots supported my foot somewhat, and walking forward on my toes was only mildly difficult.

I focused completely on walking, keeping the leash taut but not too taut, as is good form for being led on a leash. Step, step, through the damp grass, in the bright sun, I loved my mistress, I loved being out here, it scared me, I needed it, step after step out further and further away from the house, to the far edge of the meadow.

She stopped and flung the blanket out onto the grass, placing her toys and the pillows on it before turning to me and reaching between my legs to stroke my cock, which leaped at her touch. “I’ve got you,” she said intently. “You’re mine.” And she kissed me again.

“Kneel on the blanket.” I did, and she wrapped my leash through a loop at the top of an old rusty stake near where she’d laid the blanket. She put the pillows in front of me, and told me, “Lie down with your chest on those.”

I restrained the urge to complain that this would crush my nipples in their clamps; I knew if I positioned myself properly they’d be all right–more intense, but that was fine. I bent down, resting my chest there, and then straightened my legs, so my chin was at the edge of the pillows. The clamps throbbed on my nipples, the clothespins throbbed on my ears, and now that I was lying down I could do little more than twist from side to side.

I certainly couldn’t get up with my arms cuffed to my back, and the leash around the stake meant even if I had I’d be trapped. I was almost naked, bound, outdoors, with my ass sticking out towards my mistress, covered only by the skimpy skirt! I felt like I had thrown all caution away, and there was nothing I could do to prevent whatever was happening–so I let myself fall even further into complete surrender, struggling only because it felt good.

She moved to my ankle, wrapping something around the boot, then pulling it tight and (from the sound of it) setting a snap hook to secure it. Then she spread my ankles widely apart, and I ground my hips into the blanket at the feeling, my cock becoming fully hard underneath me. She wrapped a similar something around my other ankle, and I realized she’d just buckled a spreader bar between my feet! Now I couldn’t even bring my legs together to conceal myself; all I could do was wriggle and feel what she was doing to me. The boots and the bar made me feel that my whole lower body was bound.

She stood up behind me, silently. I breathed deeply, and moaned, at how helpless I was, there in the bright sun. “You really ARE a slut,” she said softly. “You make me want to hurt you. But first I want you to suck my pussy like the little girl slave you are.”

I panted, “Yes, Mistress!” as cheerfully as I could. Thank God she had brought two pillows! This way I could perhaps bend my head back enough to tongue her clit without cramping my neck too badly.

She walked in front of me and knelt, pulling up her skirt to reveal the dildo harness. She jacked herself off a little, and I had to reach out my tongue towards her cock, so close to my mouth. I was so hungry, bound there like that! She thankfully gave in to my silent plea, and placed the head of the dildo between my lips, moving the head in and out of the front of my mouth. I sucked it with abandon, happy to have something inside me at last.

She reached down and took hold of my hair, moving her hips closer so suddenly I had three inches in my mouth, then four. My spit was flowing fast now, making my mouth wet for her, and she slowly fucked my face as I shut my eyes and gave in. She sighed, “Oh, yes, that’s good, open up for me… let me take you… yes, yes!”

All too quickly she stopped–“I can’t help it, my clit wants to feel your mouth right now,” she gasped, unsnapping the front of her dildo harness and releasing the scent of her wet pussy, which I breathed in eagerly, most delicious smell of all! She sat with her pussy only inches from my face, then slid towards me, my mouth opening to kiss her right at the top of her pussy, her lips already slippery with her juice. I encircled her clit with my lips, nursing at it, wriggling a little in my bondage as I positioned my head comfortably… and began sucking her.

She let me simply lick her for a while, my tongue-tip sliding again and again up between her inner lips and slipping over her swollen clit. I told her with every stroke of my tongue how much I loved her and how much I wanted to please her, and she moaned as the pleasure washed through her.

Then I fastened my lips around her clit and sucked gently, pulling it into my mouth and brushing it quickly with my tongue, and she groaned and ground her hips into my face. I released her with a couple specially long, slow licks, and then stroked her for a while longer before again sucking her into my mouth.

This time she held my head as she rotated her crotch against my face, squeezing her pubic bone against my mouth, with my lips and her clit in between! I writhed, but couldn’t pull away at all. She pulled back and I started licking a little harder, right on that spot below her hood.

I could feel her clit pulling back, and getting even more swollen. I could taste her rising orgasm. Then my chin was wet, and I knew she’d come a little, her pussy flowing with her lust. I kept licking, staying on that one spot, not moving; feeling her tense, breathing more and more deeply, still holding my head, as she lay back on the grass…

Her thighs drew together and squeezed my head between them, as she pulled me again into her pussy and bucked with her rising orgasm! I kept licking, as best I could, and was rewarded with her cries as she came and came and came, her whole belly shaking with the contractions! I kept licking, and with each lick she shook, with each lick she came a little more, until finally she let go of my head and relaxed her thighs, though she was still having contractions.

Finally I slowed and stopped, kissing her clit. “Ah, slave, that was WONDERFUL!” she said, stroking my hair. “I feel MUCH better now!” She retrieved the front part of her harness and snapped it back on.

She took a water bottle and gave me a few sips, which quenched all thirst. Then she reached to my side, and dangled a ball gag in front of me. “Now that I’ve made use of your pretty little mouth, it’s time to make sure you’re quiet. Open wide!”

I did, eagerly, and she put the ball in my mouth and pulled the leather straps back around my head. The buckle went at the nape of my neck, and she pulled it tight enough to draw the corners of my mouth back before fastening it.

A final click told me she’d put a lock through a loop in the buckle, and suddenly I was aware again of how helpless I was! I moaned into the gag and humped into the blanket, feeling all at once the tightness of the corset, the collar attached to the belt, the cuffs which held my wrists tightly, the boots with their heels and clinging latex, the clips biting me, and the bar which held my ass wide open. I was a gagged and bound slut, struggling outside, a sex toy for her to play with and use.

“Yes, I like that,” she breathed into my ear. “You nasty little girl look at you. So wanton and desperate, out here all defenseless. Do you know what happens to little girls like you who wander out into the woods? They can get into lots and lots of trouble!”

She pulled my skirt up, and grabbed my ass, pulling my cheeks apart. I groaned, as the sun hit my asshole, which was swollen with arousal. “Look at that pussy of yours. It looks like it just wants to be fucked,” she hissed. “I could just rape you out here, and there’d be no one to help you. You’d probably even like that, you slut. You need to be punished so you don’t do this any more, and get into even WORSE trouble.”

She spanked me. I jerked and yelled, but my yell was muffled by the gag, and she just spanked me again, and again. She rested her knees on my thighs to hold me there, and kept spanking me until my ass was hotter even than the sun made them. Her slaps and my stifled noises rang loud in my ears, and I couldn’t stop thinking about what we must look like, her kneeling over me spanking my naked, exposed ass, as I struggled beneath her in bondage.

She stopped spanking, and before I could do more than breathe she had started with the cane. Softly at first, softly enough to relax me, just her cane tapping on my ass. I was so warm now, and so turned on, that I almost felt like I was melting. She began hitting me harder, and the pain just flowed gently through me, I wasn’t even struggling now.

Harder still, and it just felt good, being hit and hit. Now I was just feeling. Harder still, and my ass began jerking under the strokes, and she stopped and brushed her fingers over my now thoroughly red ass. My eyes were shut, my mouth resting on the pillow, head down.

More spankings! I yelled again. Then more canings, and I felt like I was burning, my ass was so hot, heating up all of me. My boundaries were dissolving–the sun, the corset, the feel of her weight on me, the pain in my nipples and ears, the big gag in my mouth… all of it was washing me away.

When she stopped I was floating. Then when she stroked lube onto my ass, it was so slick and felt so hopelessly good, I just sighed deeply and opened widely up. She slid a finger into me, and it was pure bliss.

“Look at you, you slut,” she said gently, sliding her finger (or was it fingers?) into and out of me. “You’re so wet and open I just need to touch you to be inside you.” She squeezed more lube onto her fingers and pushed it inside me, preparing me for her.

She withdrew from my ass, and I was sad for a moment–it felt so GOOD! She unstrapped my ankles, and told me, “Kneel, slave.” I rolled onto my side, pulled my knees up, and through some struggling managed to get my legs under me. I knelt with my chest again on the pillows, and my ass sticking up into the air. This made it a little hard to breathe, with the gag and my nose almost in the pillow, but I could handle it. Especially the way I felt right now–I wanted her inside me so very very much!

She knelt between my legs, directly behind my ass, and sat up a little–and I felt something pushing at my ass. I pushed right back, and felt myself open, wide, wider, no pain–well, just a little–and wider–I groaned loudly as her cockhead slipped into my ass, pushing all the way inside, my asshole pulsed and squeezed it, and squeezed, and she pushed a little more, and she was fucking me!

I was almost completely unable to move — gagged and collared I couldn’t turn my head, I couldn’t kneel up with the corset binding me and my arms locked behind me, and my boots kept even my feet from trying to escape.

I was impaled on her cock, and she was still entering me, until finally her hips were tight against my ass and I was panting and dripping–I could almost feel the come flowing out of my cock.

She pulled out, and thrust back in, holding onto my hips. God, it felt so nasty to be getting fucked like this, outside, leashed to a stake! I desperately wanted her to jack me off, but she was just fucking me. I struggled a little, but I couldn’t do more than wiggle, which only made the fucking more intense. I could feel her hunger to ravage me, and I whimpered as she rocked me back and forth.

She reached under me to take my nipple chain, and tugged on it, so with every stroke of her cock my nipples were squeezed again, making them throb in rhythm with her thrusts–my ass unable to reject her, compelled to swallow her–she reached out and grabbed my collar with one hand and my wrists with the other, and suddenly she was holding me still, controlling me completely with the straps buckled around my neck and waist, while she pumped into me.

I was groaning now, I wanted her to rub my cock so badly, but she wasn’t, and she wasn’t! She was putting everything into fucking me–she leaned forwards on me, and pushed my nose into the pillow, and I struggled to breathe–then she held still and pulled ME back and forth on her cock, sliding me up and down its shaft! It was too much–too much–I had to open up to take it, open deeper and wider.

I stopped thinking about my cock. I stopped thinking of anything but breathing and gulping down her cock with my ass. I relaxed and could almost see her smile, as she took me again and again, now that I was no longer struggling, but just feeling. She fucked me long and deep, reaming me out, taking everything I had to give. I had never felt anything like it–I felt like I was floating up into the sunny air above the meadow.

She slowed, and stopped, still up to the hilt in me. I heard her squirt some more lube, and then she pulled my hips up just a little, reached between my legs, and wrapped her lubricated hand around my cock!

I uttered a long, deep groan, as she began stroking me with one hand, still with her cock in my ass. I was instantly completely hard, and seemed to become even harder, my hands opening wide behind my back as all my muscles tensed with the electric pleasure rushing up from her talented fingers. When she began fucking me again, sliding her hand up my cock even as she slid her cock into me, I bucked back against her. Back, and forth, with hand and hips, her other hand reaching out to my collar again to pull my head back.

“Look around you, slave,” she said hoarsely, and I bent my head back and opened my eyes, even as she slid into me again and my whole body clenched. I saw the meadow around us, still here on this sunny day, being fucked by my Mistress. I couldn’t shut any of it out, I couldn’t deny anything anymore, I could only bite down hard on the gag as she kept her thrusts building and building.

My cock was beginning to twitch in her slippery palm, feeling my ass pulsing more and more strongly — my whole body shaking — my arms trying to pull free and failing–my legs quaking with the strain — and, and, as she sank into me my orgasm rose up, my cock throbbed and I CAME!

Come was shooting out of my cock in a long, strong pulse — then another titanic wave, my ass squeezing her cock hardest of all — and another, and another! She was gripping my cock tightly now, milking me, as I writhed and shuddered, grinding my ass back into her hips which held me firmly — through wave after wave…

When I came back to myself she was still holding my cock and was still in my ass. My nipples were complaining, as were my legs, but I just rested for a few minutes, unwilling to let this feeling — this complete catharsis — slip away. Finally she let go of my cock, and slowly, slowly, slipped out of my ass. Then she undid my wrist cuffs, and I painfully put my arms back under me again; they were sore, sore, sore!

Next my gag, and then I breathed deep as she reached for my earlobes and took the clothespins off, which HURT! She rolled me over (carefully) and took the nipple clamps off, which only hurt a bit. Finally she toweled off my cock and snuggled up next to me.

“That was fantastic, sweetheart!” she said, looking as radiant as I felt.

“YES! Oh, thank you, thank you, mistress!” I sighed. “I love you!”

“And I love you, my slave!”

We lay there, together on that blanket, outside in the meadow… completely at peace.

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