A Spanking For You

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“Ah, that must be her,” he said to himself. He’d been waiting for her to come over for about an hour. He was annoyed that she was late, but figured he would get even with her later.

“Come in!” he yelled, and she opened the door slowly and peeked in. She looked great. She was wearing a pair of jeans, a sweat-shirt and a nice blouse. He knew because he had seen it before. But even dressed casually she looked really good, and what was underneath made his mouth water.

She walked into the living room slowly, nervous because she had made him sit around waiting for her, but trying to explain.

“I had a class that went overtime and then I was dragged off to do some work with my project partners,” she stammered, “and it took me forever to get away…”

He looked at her and melted, she was so sweet looking. But then he remembered, she had to be punished for being late. But not too much. Just a little torture to spice up the evening for the two of them.

“Strip!” he commanded, “but first come over here and give me a kiss.”

She walked over slowly, nervously, trying not to show him how much she wanted this, because that was part of the game. You had to play your role to the hilt, or it would get even tougher. She leaned over him as he sat on the couch and gave him a warm kiss on the lips. Her tongue darted out and met his. They held it for just an second and then he broke away.

His hands reached out and grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and started tugging it up her body. She tried to learn back to balance herself, but he merely tugged harder, keeping her slightly off balance. As the shirt hem got caught on her breasts, and then continued, her nipples erected from the stimulation. She obediently raised her arms over her head, still leaning over him as he sat on the couch. 

As the shirt went over her head she was struck by the realization that it was much like having been blindfolded, the blackness just sucking up the light and muffling the sounds around her. Then he stooped tugging, leaving her bent over, with her hands out and her head muffled. His hands then started running down her sides, carefully avoiding her breasts, to her jeans. There his hands moved in, the button at the tops of her jeans. 

He slowly undid the button, then pulling the zipper down… down… down… the sounds sounding distant and far away because of the shirt around her head. All she could see was a little circle of light, and all she could feel was his hands on her body. The hands went back to their tugging, but this time they were tugging the shirt out of her jeans. 

The hands went to work on the buttons of her blouse, slowly caressing the skin that was exposed as the shirt fell to the sides. After a few moments he returned to tugging on the jeans, this time to remove them. Followed by the rest of her clothing. Then suddenly he pulled her across his lap, face down. As she lay face down in his lap, she started to think of what would happen. 

From previous “spankings” she knew she could expect anything, from just a light cursory slapping, to full, cheek reddening hits with a brush. She hoped it would be the first and not the second, though she remembered how he “made up” to her after that time too.

“Now for being such a late girl, I’m going to make you wait,” he said, “and this will be quite interesting for us both.” 


The first blow of his hand landed right on the middle of her ass, the globes flattening from the impact of his hand. He could see his hand print for just a second, then it slowly faded away…

“Ouch!” she yelped, and tried to clench her cheeks together and move them away from his hands.

“That was for making me wait… now this is to make sure you can wait,” he laughed. She felt his fingers on her ass, lightly tracing each globe. She twitched a little because it tickled and before she knew it, SMACK! As second slap on her ass.

“Ow! That hurt!” she cried.

“And if you make another move it will hurt even more,” he replied as he continued to trace out the contours of her ass. “Every time you make a move, I’m going to spank you. If you try to get away, or stop me, it will just get worse. So just settle down and enjoy…”

With that he ran his fingers up the crack, and was rewarded with a twitch of her muscles. 


She tensed at the spank, but said nothing, looking at the floor and trying to separate the feelings she was getting. First there was his hands, his maddening hands on her body. Arousing her, teasing her and tickling her. It was the hardest thing she had every tried, to lie still while his hands explored her. She could feel his finger slowly slide up her inner thighs, and slowly tickling her just below her pussy. 

She twitched.


And the hands kept moving, making her hotter and hotter, yet frustrating her even more because she couldn’t give into the urge to clench her cheeks and keep his fingers there forever. She sighed, in both pleasure and frustration. Her nipples were hard and aching, waiting for stimulation, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the second, and her ass was getting redder and redder. As he slipped his finger inside her, she moaned out loud and squeezed involuntarily, trying to keep the sensation.



“Damn! That hurt!” she squealed, and tried to squirm off his lap. She felt his other hand reach around and get a better grip, keeping her securely on his knees. He just laughed at her, and kept moving his fingers. In and out, first one, then two, then three. Each time she was getting wetter, and hotter, and more aroused, as his fingers slipped out and traced their way up her crack. As the wetness reached her asshole, she twitched yet again.


“Ha! Got you to move. I thought for a minute you’d conquered the urge to move…” he said. All the while his fingers were wandering, dipping into her dripping pussy, drifting over her cheeks, sliding between her cheeks, and back into her pussy, but only for a minute. “Now that we know you can wait shall we move on to what you were waiting for?” he smiled.

She moaned and rolled over. A contented smile on her face as she reached up to him for a kiss as she walked into the room she couldn’t help but notice the changes he had made. Instead of a mattress on the floor he now had a four posted bed (of course) and there were metal eye hooks extending out of the walls in various places. The entire room had been carpeted and there were more eye hooks in the floor. The lights were dim, with pools of brightness scattered around the room.

As ordered she had changed her clothes in the outer room. Her jeans, sweatshirt and blouse were gone to be replaced by the tightest black spandex she could imagine. But there were pieces missing to the outfit such as material covering her breast and crotch. Both were totally bare. As she got a few steps into the room he suddenly grabbed her from behind. 

A leather cuff was placed on each wrist and she was quickly secured to two of the eye hooks on the wall. Two ankle cuffs were added and her legs spread wide before being attached to the wall. Next came the gag and blindfold. “Now the fun is really going to start” she thought to herself, with just a tinge of apprehension as she remembered her punishment for being late.

She could hear him moving around the room, opening drawers and moving stuff around. “I wonder what he is going to do first. I TOLD him I was sorry for being late” she thought. He started with a spritzing of cold water. Not much, it felt sort of like the density that comes out of a spray bottle. First her breast then her freshly shaven pussy. 

It was cold enough to cause her nipples to harden. That wasn’t enough of a reaction it seemed. Soon she felt the lips of her pussy being opened and a long cold object filling her. “It’s ice” she thought as she felt the first melted drip roll down her long legs. As he began to move the ice in and out of her, driving her berserk his other hand began icing her breast. 

When she was totally soaked, not just from the ice, he announced that he had a few errands to run but would return later. “Don’t want you to get bored though while I’m gone” he laughed as he slowly pushed into her a huge dildo. Next to follow was a strap around her waist. From this he threaded a thick strap down between her legs, holding the dildo in tightly. “Oh, one more thing before I go,” he chuckled as he hit a switch on the base of the dildo. The damn thing started to vibrate in time with his laughing as he shut off the light and left the room.

When he returned a few minutes later, she though she was in heaven. The vibrator had been going for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes. She had had at least three orgasms, each bigger and better and more total than the last. Her pussy cried out for relief. She thought she would die from the pleasure she was receiving. Her knees were weak and shaky, with only her tied arms supporting and keeping her from falling down. She felt as if she had turned into an orgasm. 

Her entire body was flushed, and her nipples were rock hard. He reached down and grabbed the dildo, pulling it out still running. Then he pushed it back in. Slowly he removed and inserted the damn thing until she came once again. She sagged a little more from the relief, but wishing it was still going inside her. Then he reached up and took off the blindfold, saying “I think you she see what happens next,” as he grinned and brought the vibrator to her nipples. 

She spasmed, arching her back to get away from that insidious device. He laughed some more and simply followed her every lunge and twist, keeping the vibrator to her breasts and nipples.

After a few minutes of this he turned off the vibrator and untied her from the wall. She sagged down and would have fallen if he hadn’t caught her in his arms. She molded herself to his body in exhaustion. “That damn vibrator should be lost or destroyed,” she thought as she lay in his arms, but her nipples continued to throb with enjoyment, to say nothing of her pussy. 

He carried her over to the bed and lay her down gently. She lay back and relaxed. “Now maybe I’ll get a chance to do the same to him,” she thought, but she was too late. Before she could recover, he had her arms tied up to the posts. Then her legs were spread apart and tied to the other two posts of the bed. She was totally vulnerable. And liking it… no, loving it!

He slowly started licking lips. Slowly, lovingly. Caressing her lips with his, as he traced his way around them. She replied hungrily, using her tongue to reply in kind. Their tongues met, slowly slipping and sliding around each other. She moaned with desire for him. Then his tongue started moving down to her chin and along her jaw. Little swirls and nips. Her neck arched reflexively as he worked his way to her neck. 

As he moved down her neck she started to squirm on the bed, wishing the ropes holding her down weren’t there, so she could grab him in her arms and keep him forever. His tongue moved down her collar bone and to her chest. He breasts rose and fell with her breathing, the nipples starting to stand up, little red bumps on her generous breasts. His tongue touched the top of her left breast, swirling and licking, but not touching the nipple. She begged him to suck her nipple, but he just laughed and told he to enjoy it and to stop complaining.

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