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My Turn

by on Oct.07, 2009, under BDSM

The heat of the sun…

The feeling of her cock in my ass…

The helplessness of being taken…

These are what I remember most about that afternoon…

As we lay naked together, on the sofa in the morning light, she turned to me and gently said, “I want you to get dressed.” She was smiling softly, and a little sadly, at the thought of what she was about to do to me. What I needed her to do to me. Her clear brown eyes were fixed on mine, in quiet authority, assumed as easily as breathing; her hand touched mine, loving and dismissing me at once.

I stood, heart already beating more quickly, and went upstairs to obey her. As I went I looked around, letting the scene sink deeply into me. (continue reading…)

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New Girl

by on Jul.15, 2009, under BDSM

Jessica was working the evening shift at the town’s only motel when she noticed an elderly black lady walk in with a young blonde to her side. The ebony lady was in her early 30s, very attractive, tall and well developed while the blond was slightly overweight, in her 40s, and smaller. What was stranger was the black lady had her hand down on the blond ass and was rubbing it and she was dressed like a slut in leather skirt and blouse. 

“I have a reservation for a week,” the elderly lady said. We’re here for a convention this week.

Jessica checked the records and indeed noticed the lady did have a reservation but what was strange was the bill had already been paid by the motel owner wife, her boss, Ally.

“Yes ma’am, I have it here she said. You are in room 302 and the floor is empty this week so you will have all the privacy you want. Can I get you a room,” she asked the blond handing the key to the woman.

“She is my slave and will stay with me,” the woman replied. “Slut get the bags and carry them up to the room.”

Jessica watched in silent as the blonde left and went to the car. She was amazed at what she had just witnessed. Surely it was a joke or something.

“Is something wrong?” the ebony lady asked.

Jessica turned flushed in the face.

“No, I was just surprise at what you said,” she stuttered. “I thought for a moment she was your slave or something.” (continue reading…)

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Up The Ass

by on Apr.06, 2009, under BDSM

Clare was beginning to be obsessed with the thought of being dominated by a younger female. She was in her late forties and married to a man who was wealthy and had his own business. She could have anything she wanted except the type of sex she craved and desired. Her husband was always too busy at work or too tired when he got home. 

She turned to the internet at first masturbating at the pictures she found only to find she was more attracted to the thought of a younger woman dominated an older one. The thought was sick but she couldn’t help getting wet and cumming at the pictures and stories. She even tried having sex with a few guys without her husband knowledge only to find it wouldn’t satisfy her need. (continue reading…)

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Tied Up And Made To Confess

by on Mar.25, 2009, under BDSM

Maggie was off on another adventure. She could not believe how her life changed after meeting the mysterious man on the internet. Maggie’s husband, Leo frequently worked late at night. Maggie entertained herself by going in and out of adult chat rooms on the internet. 

Over a month ago, Maggie met her mysterious man in one of those chat rooms. She was reluctant to comply with his demands to email him separately. After all, Maggie was a 33-year-old Mother of three children. Although she kept herself in great shape with a daily exercise routine, she and Leo were very conservative in bed, always making love in the missionary position.  (continue reading…)

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My Husband Is A Slave Slut

by on Mar.20, 2009, under BDSM

Carina was again pampered, bathed, and provided with perfume. Two women spent almost an hour just applying makeup to her face and fixing her hair into a tight ponytail. Once they were done, another woman came in and handed her some clothes. The clothes consisted of a black, lace bra, black thongs, thigh-hi stockings, black high-heels with ankle straps, mid-thigh length black skirt and a loose fitting white wrap around blouse. Then she was left alone to dress. 

After dressing, Carina viewed herself in the mirror. She looked great. At only 5 feet, the short skirt and loose fitting white wrap around blouse showed off her ass and 36C breasts. Carina hoped Master would be pleased. Carina reached up and stroked her collar as she waited. (continue reading…)

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Be My Mistress

by on Mar.15, 2009, under BDSM

“You want to do what?” Cassie asked sitting bolt upright in bed.

My wife and I had just had a marvelous session of sex. We were nestled in each other’s arms enjoying what the sexologists refer to a “postcoital-languor”. That’s highfalutin for “feeling fuckin’ good afterwards!”. And believe me I was feeling good. Cassie is a wonderful bedmate. Just looking at her makes my cock hard, and I know from watching other guys around her that they are jealous as hell of me. She has the tits and ass that make men immediately spring to attention.

She has a great body and she knows how to use it. She really enjoys sex. She loves to suck my cock and she wiggles and moans when I return the favor by lapping her clit. My cock always finds her tight cunt-sopping wet as she writhes and thrashes to violent orgasms. She is nearly perfect. (continue reading…)

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Ice Cold

by on Mar.10, 2009, under BDSM

I came home late that night from a business engagement. I was tired, hungry, and annoyed that things had not gone well. My husband was in his recliner reading the paper looking all relaxed, and somehow this annoyed me. “Look at you, just sitting around, I bet nothing was done while I was slaving away at work today,” I grumbled.

“Actually,” stated my husband as he looked up at me over his glasses, “The kids are in bed, the laundry is finished, and dinner is made. You, however, need to calm down.” 

Instantly I knew I had been tired, and wrong. “Sorry,” I mumbled, “It’s been a long day, I shouldn’t have snapped at you.” 

My husband was understanding, and we had a marvelous dinner together. Afterwards, over a glass of wine, he brought my little tantrum back up. 

“You have been stressed and grouchy lately, not to mention overly excitable. You need to cool down. Besides, I owe you one for that outburst earlier. I think a trip downstairs for appropriate punishment is in order.”  (continue reading…)

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Don’t Cum Yet

by on Mar.07, 2009, under BDSM

   Her breathing shallow, gasping slightly, the sensations running through her body so exquisite it’s almost as though she’s floating.  Still fighting to remain in control, her orgasm very near, her lover, her master, has given her an option, a command really.  This weekend, if she gives herself completely over to his desires, his pleasures, his satisfaction, in the end, when he’s ready, she’ll receive her pleasures.  It’s been over a month since her last orgasm, although she’s been excited, ready to burst, she’s been denied.  Having felt him release into her body many times during this past month, she’s been denied her pleasure, well that may not be completely true, she’s been denied her orgasmic release, pleasure, she’s had lots of pleasure, more than ever before, she’s just not been allowed to feel that grand finish she so craves. (continue reading…)

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Tied To The Pockets

by on Mar.06, 2009, under BDSM

I’m a Junior at a large Midwest university. Since my roommate wasn’t due for 2 days after I moved into our dorm, I went out on the town alone Saturday night. The Rail- the nearby strip of bars- is always busy, and I went from one to another saying hello to friends I hadn’t seen over the summer. 

Since school was still a week away, everyone was partying hard. Several people invited me to a big private party at one of the frats. A friend said most people were leaving the bars about 10 to enjoy the ‘end of summer’ parties at the various frats, sororities, and apartments, not to mention the dorms. Things slowed down so much several of the bars had posted signs that they were closing early. 

Anxious to enjoy a last fling before classes, I hurried back to my room to get ready. I changed into a sleeveless sweatshirt with the school mascot on the front, a pair of bikini bottoms, and running shorts. After a quick check of my make-up, I headed back to the bars. It was after 12:15 when I got back to the last bar I’d visited. The door wasn’t locked, but inside I was surprised to find that the only occupants were the bartender, bouncer, and two of their friends.  (continue reading…)

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Comfortable My Pet

by on Feb.24, 2009, under BDSM

The pale light of sunrise was just creeping into the room when Lisa opened her eyes.  For a moment she was disoriented; then, feeling Paul’s arm wrapped gently around her, she realized that she had had the most incredibly realistic dream.  She wriggled back against her husband, feeling his soft even breathing against her neck, his arm instinctively tightening around her.  As she snuggled, she felt his cock begin to stir against her ass, twitching and growing harder as Paul drifted out of sleep into wakefulness.   Lisa reached down between her legs and touched herself, not surprised to find that she was dripping wet.  Suddenly, she was aware that Paul’s breathing had changed, and as it registered in her brain she felt his hand grabbing her nipple, twisting it sharply, sending shivers of pain and arousal through her body straight to her clit, which throbbed in anticipation. (continue reading…)

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