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Very Lucky Pet

by on Mar.26, 2009, under BDSM

Janet was a student at a local university and had long held her secret fantasies within herself. Months before she’d discovered a website where she could play out the life of her dreams a few hours at a time in the campus computer lab.

She often chose a corner table so others would not see over her shoulder. Only 20 at first, Janet still had the sweet baby face of a teenager which she sometimes saw as a curse. She dreaded the day she turned 21 and would be asked for ID and likely chased out of a bar or liquor store.

It was online that she met Master M. Master M seemed to be such a kind man, intelligent and well spoken. He informed her that he was older than she was, but Janet saw no reason to let this bother her. Their online games often left her wet and dying for release in her apartment afterwards. One day, Master M told her to go to a shop and purchase toys for her release.

Janet was embarrassed, but motivated by Master M and did as he suggested. She purchased several things, an 8 inch vibrator with a realistic shape, a 4 inch anal plug, and a lovely little device that would suction onto her clit and vibrate at different speeds with the click of a button. (continue reading…)

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Present Yourself Naked

by on Mar.21, 2009, under BDSM

SPANK! SPANK! The words appeared on the instant message that I sent her,and I could tell from the response that she wanted more. So we had agreed to meet when I was expected to be in her hometown, and I told her not to be late, and to present herself to me naked.

I waited patiently for her arrival at the Four Seasons Hotel, but she was late. I remembered what we had chatted about on the Internet, and looked at the adult toys I had brought with me on the trip.
The knock on the door was so faint I almost missed it but as I opened the door I was greeted by the prettiest brunette, with the deepest dimples.

I had dressed appropriately in a leather mini skirt, with thigh high boots. I looked at her and said “If you do not present yourself to me naked I will not acknowledge you”, and with that I closed the door, to the sounds of her protests that it was so public.

Moments later came a soft knock on the door and when I opened it I was greeted with her kneeling naked, her clothes piled neatly on the floor, and I ushered her in my so soundproof room. (continue reading…)

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by on Mar.11, 2009, under BDSM

For a moment, as she slowly recovered and returned to normality, Mandy wasn’t sure of where she was. As though she was waking from a confusing dream, she slowly became aware of her body and it took her a moment to realise that she was spread-eagled on a bed, her immobility caused because of her limbs being tied and bound, the darkness caused by the blindfold wrapped around her head. Then, just when she was beginning to wonder if she had plunged from a blissful dream into a nightmare, the events of the last few hours flooded back into her mind and she remembered exactly where she was – naked, collared, blindfolded and bound before Mistress. She had never known that a simple kiss could deliver such passion, but she knew the kiss had been merely the key that had opened the floodgates, releasing everything that had gathered within her during the previous hours of anticipation. (continue reading…)

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Comfortable My Pet

by on Feb.24, 2009, under BDSM

The pale light of sunrise was just creeping into the room when Lisa opened her eyes.  For a moment she was disoriented; then, feeling Paul’s arm wrapped gently around her, she realized that she had had the most incredibly realistic dream.  She wriggled back against her husband, feeling his soft even breathing against her neck, his arm instinctively tightening around her.  As she snuggled, she felt his cock begin to stir against her ass, twitching and growing harder as Paul drifted out of sleep into wakefulness.   Lisa reached down between her legs and touched herself, not surprised to find that she was dripping wet.  Suddenly, she was aware that Paul’s breathing had changed, and as it registered in her brain she felt his hand grabbing her nipple, twisting it sharply, sending shivers of pain and arousal through her body straight to her clit, which throbbed in anticipation. (continue reading…)

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I Shall Call You My Pet

by on Feb.06, 2009, under BDSM

I sit waiting for you at the door. I have placed the fur-lined leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, locking them shut with the tiny padlocks you had specially made for me. I kneel naked, with my knees spread, as you have ordered, with my hands placed palm up on my thighs and my head down. My hair is pulled to one side so that you may fasten the collar on me when you come home. Every so often, I glance up at the collar on the hall table next to me.  (continue reading…)

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