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Up The Ass

by on Apr.06, 2009, under BDSM

Clare was beginning to be obsessed with the thought of being dominated by a younger female. She was in her late forties and married to a man who was wealthy and had his own business. She could have anything she wanted except the type of sex she craved and desired. Her husband was always too busy at work or too tired when he got home. 

She turned to the internet at first masturbating at the pictures she found only to find she was more attracted to the thought of a younger woman dominated an older one. The thought was sick but she couldn’t help getting wet and cumming at the pictures and stories. She even tried having sex with a few guys without her husband knowledge only to find it wouldn’t satisfy her need. (continue reading…)

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Tied Up And Made To Confess

by on Mar.25, 2009, under BDSM

Maggie was off on another adventure. She could not believe how her life changed after meeting the mysterious man on the internet. Maggie’s husband, Leo frequently worked late at night. Maggie entertained herself by going in and out of adult chat rooms on the internet. 

Over a month ago, Maggie met her mysterious man in one of those chat rooms. She was reluctant to comply with his demands to email him separately. After all, Maggie was a 33-year-old Mother of three children. Although she kept herself in great shape with a daily exercise routine, she and Leo were very conservative in bed, always making love in the missionary position.  (continue reading…)

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Yes Mistress

by on Mar.24, 2009, under BDSM

I had just got dressed for the masquerade party as a high school girl in pigtails and tennis shoes. With my white blouse, short pleated skirt, and as tiny as I am, I could pass for about 15 or 16, but I had recently just turned 18.

As I was running around trying to get ready, I heard the doorbell ring and thought to myself, is my date here already.

Answering the door I saw this lady mail carrier with a package for the people next door who weren’t home, and she asked if I would accept the package for them, and I had to sign the sheet for the post office.

As she fished in her pocket for her pen I carefully looked at her and her tom boyish features, and thought to myself the only way I could tell that she was a woman was her tiny breasts, which barely made a lump in her uniform shirt, and she sort of resembled Elvis Priestly.

With both our eyes looking at the pen at the same time we could see that it had split open and the ink was all over the pocket of her shirt, so I told her I would get a cold wet cloth to try and get rid of the ink and I also had a pen I could use to sign for the package. (continue reading…)

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Present Yourself Naked

by on Mar.21, 2009, under BDSM

SPANK! SPANK! The words appeared on the instant message that I sent her,and I could tell from the response that she wanted more. So we had agreed to meet when I was expected to be in her hometown, and I told her not to be late, and to present herself to me naked.

I waited patiently for her arrival at the Four Seasons Hotel, but she was late. I remembered what we had chatted about on the Internet, and looked at the adult toys I had brought with me on the trip.
The knock on the door was so faint I almost missed it but as I opened the door I was greeted by the prettiest brunette, with the deepest dimples.

I had dressed appropriately in a leather mini skirt, with thigh high boots. I looked at her and said “If you do not present yourself to me naked I will not acknowledge you”, and with that I closed the door, to the sounds of her protests that it was so public.

Moments later came a soft knock on the door and when I opened it I was greeted with her kneeling naked, her clothes piled neatly on the floor, and I ushered her in my so soundproof room. (continue reading…)

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My Husband Is A Slave Slut

by on Mar.20, 2009, under BDSM

Carina was again pampered, bathed, and provided with perfume. Two women spent almost an hour just applying makeup to her face and fixing her hair into a tight ponytail. Once they were done, another woman came in and handed her some clothes. The clothes consisted of a black, lace bra, black thongs, thigh-hi stockings, black high-heels with ankle straps, mid-thigh length black skirt and a loose fitting white wrap around blouse. Then she was left alone to dress. 

After dressing, Carina viewed herself in the mirror. She looked great. At only 5 feet, the short skirt and loose fitting white wrap around blouse showed off her ass and 36C breasts. Carina hoped Master would be pleased. Carina reached up and stroked her collar as she waited. (continue reading…)

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by on Mar.11, 2009, under BDSM

For a moment, as she slowly recovered and returned to normality, Mandy wasn’t sure of where she was. As though she was waking from a confusing dream, she slowly became aware of her body and it took her a moment to realise that she was spread-eagled on a bed, her immobility caused because of her limbs being tied and bound, the darkness caused by the blindfold wrapped around her head. Then, just when she was beginning to wonder if she had plunged from a blissful dream into a nightmare, the events of the last few hours flooded back into her mind and she remembered exactly where she was – naked, collared, blindfolded and bound before Mistress. She had never known that a simple kiss could deliver such passion, but she knew the kiss had been merely the key that had opened the floodgates, releasing everything that had gathered within her during the previous hours of anticipation. (continue reading…)

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My Little Slut

by on Feb.12, 2009, under BDSM

You’ve told me you have something special planned for tonight and you want me dressed to kill. So I put on a sexy black shimmery dress, thigh high stockings, black lace panties, sexy shoes and my best jewelry. When you see me, you smile approvingly. Running a finger up the inside of my thigh, you say,

“You look very nice. No one would ever guess what a little slut you really are.” As your hand reaches my panties you frown, and lean in close to whisper in my ear.

“Lose the panties… I don’t want you forgetting that you are in fact my little slut.” (continue reading…)

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How Did I Get Here

by on Feb.10, 2009, under BDSM

Alana twisted her neck, but still couldn’t see the knots that bound her wrists tightly behind the chair. Jasmine had done a thorough job and there was no hope for escape. Alana’s wrists were bound palm to palm, cinched, and anchored to the front rung of the chair she sat on. Her ankles were tied to the back legs of the chair and a rope around her waist held her tight against the chair back. No, she would be here until Jasmine decided otherwise. 

Alana sighed and wondered aloud, “How did I get in this position? Tied to a chair in my best friend’s party room wearing only my bra and panties, with Jasmine in her bedroom watching TV.”  (continue reading…)

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