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She Likes The Pain

by on Oct.12, 2009, under BDSM

She was tough, alright, just as advertised. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed and fiery, and loved her bondage sessions. She had a very high tolerance for pain too, maybe that was what I really admired about her; that she could take anything I could dish out, and then some, and that she truly loved every minute of it!

I think the best time we had was when she came to me begging, pleading for me to really torture her breasts, now, how could I possibly refuse a request like that? Well, I couldn’t, and it was one of the most erotic times we had together.

We went into my playroom and I immediately slapped the leather cuffs on her wrists, then attached them to the overhead pulley and pulled her up till her toes were just barely touching the ground. I quickly stuffed in a ball gag just in case she wanted to complain, but she never did, never would, then I put on the hood, sealing her off from the world quite effectively. (continue reading…)

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Very Lucky Pet

by on Mar.26, 2009, under BDSM

Janet was a student at a local university and had long held her secret fantasies within herself. Months before she’d discovered a website where she could play out the life of her dreams a few hours at a time in the campus computer lab.

She often chose a corner table so others would not see over her shoulder. Only 20 at first, Janet still had the sweet baby face of a teenager which she sometimes saw as a curse. She dreaded the day she turned 21 and would be asked for ID and likely chased out of a bar or liquor store.

It was online that she met Master M. Master M seemed to be such a kind man, intelligent and well spoken. He informed her that he was older than she was, but Janet saw no reason to let this bother her. Their online games often left her wet and dying for release in her apartment afterwards. One day, Master M told her to go to a shop and purchase toys for her release.

Janet was embarrassed, but motivated by Master M and did as he suggested. She purchased several things, an 8 inch vibrator with a realistic shape, a 4 inch anal plug, and a lovely little device that would suction onto her clit and vibrate at different speeds with the click of a button. (continue reading…)

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Be My Mistress

by on Mar.15, 2009, under BDSM

“You want to do what?” Cassie asked sitting bolt upright in bed.

My wife and I had just had a marvelous session of sex. We were nestled in each other’s arms enjoying what the sexologists refer to a “postcoital-languor”. That’s highfalutin for “feeling fuckin’ good afterwards!”. And believe me I was feeling good. Cassie is a wonderful bedmate. Just looking at her makes my cock hard, and I know from watching other guys around her that they are jealous as hell of me. She has the tits and ass that make men immediately spring to attention.

She has a great body and she knows how to use it. She really enjoys sex. She loves to suck my cock and she wiggles and moans when I return the favor by lapping her clit. My cock always finds her tight cunt-sopping wet as she writhes and thrashes to violent orgasms. She is nearly perfect. (continue reading…)

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Take My Picture

by on Mar.08, 2009, under BDSM

This isn’t an excuse. I’m not ashamed of my actions, really. I did it, and that’s just a part of who I am. You should know my reckless behaviour by now, and I’m not going to apologize for something I did several years ago that didn’t harm anybody. And don’t tell me I’m a victim, because I made a choice. I’m the one who did it. This is just an explanation. I feel I owe you that much. 

How it happened was I was sitting cross-legged on my bed, fumbling through my cardboard box of restraints. Albert, my roommate at the time, was standing by the doorway, digital camera in hand, watching me with an enthusiasm he wasn’t very good at hiding. 

He’d known about my sexuality since a few months beforehand. That I enjoyed being tied up, I mean. He also knew I was bisexual, but that never seemed to matter by comparison. That was more a romantic orientation than a sexual one, anyway. Sexually, I’m submissive, and that’s pretty much all there is to it. Albert wasn’t into that sort of thing, and I didn’t see him that way anyway, but this wasn’t sex. This was something more than that.  (continue reading…)

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New To Submission

by on Feb.13, 2009, under BDSM

Julie was very horny. Sitting next to her on the plane was a most attractive medical-school senior named Brad who kept stealing glances at her chest. Six times he had brought up the idea of their getting together in Cancun, and he kept trying to get her hotel address. Julie, whose last boyfriend had thighs the size of Brad’s forearms, was having the worst time keeping her accommodations a secret. She just kept reminding herself that she was going to Cancun for something better than sex with a handsome graduate student.

“I’ll be right back. I need to use the ladies’ room,” she said, getting out of her seat.

Brad grinned. “Need a partner for the Mile-High Club?” (continue reading…)

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