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My Turn

by on Oct.07, 2009, under BDSM

The heat of the sun…

The feeling of her cock in my ass…

The helplessness of being taken…

These are what I remember most about that afternoon…

As we lay naked together, on the sofa in the morning light, she turned to me and gently said, “I want you to get dressed.” She was smiling softly, and a little sadly, at the thought of what she was about to do to me. What I needed her to do to me. Her clear brown eyes were fixed on mine, in quiet authority, assumed as easily as breathing; her hand touched mine, loving and dismissing me at once.

I stood, heart already beating more quickly, and went upstairs to obey her. As I went I looked around, letting the scene sink deeply into me. (continue reading…)

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I’m Your Bunny

by on Aug.06, 2009, under BDSM

My morning started out as usual, I made my husband and son breakfast and got them off to work and school respectively; then I made decision that would come to change my life. My son is eight; I have been married nine years, am thirty years old, stand five foot seven inches tall, brunette with a thirty-four C cup, twenty three inch waist and weigh in around one thirty four pounds. 

I’m told I’m still a looker. Given all this, my husband has very little sex drive and his idea of sex is get me wet enough to stick his dick in me and cum in me after two or three minutes, roll over and say goodnight. We always do the missionary position. He has no desire to expand our sex life, even a little bit, so I have been masturbating almost since the day we were married. 

I always food shop in the afternoon, but decided on this day to go in the morning and get it over with, as I had other things I wanted to do. I came across this very short lady in the store, trying to get something from the top shelf, so I got it for her and we introduced ourselves and began a running conversation while we shopped. 

When we finished shopping, we went across the street to a coffee shop and she told me what I needed was a nice relaxing swim. Being it was winter, I asked where that was possible and she told me that she had a pool in the house on the third floor. I knew right away who she was then, her house was the talk of the development we lived in, everybody knew the pool was there, but nobody had ever been invited in to see it, so I accepted the invitation.  (continue reading…)

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New Girl

by on Jul.15, 2009, under BDSM

Jessica was working the evening shift at the town’s only motel when she noticed an elderly black lady walk in with a young blonde to her side. The ebony lady was in her early 30s, very attractive, tall and well developed while the blond was slightly overweight, in her 40s, and smaller. What was stranger was the black lady had her hand down on the blond ass and was rubbing it and she was dressed like a slut in leather skirt and blouse. 

“I have a reservation for a week,” the elderly lady said. We’re here for a convention this week.

Jessica checked the records and indeed noticed the lady did have a reservation but what was strange was the bill had already been paid by the motel owner wife, her boss, Ally.

“Yes ma’am, I have it here she said. You are in room 302 and the floor is empty this week so you will have all the privacy you want. Can I get you a room,” she asked the blond handing the key to the woman.

“She is my slave and will stay with me,” the woman replied. “Slut get the bags and carry them up to the room.”

Jessica watched in silent as the blonde left and went to the car. She was amazed at what she had just witnessed. Surely it was a joke or something.

“Is something wrong?” the ebony lady asked.

Jessica turned flushed in the face.

“No, I was just surprise at what you said,” she stuttered. “I thought for a moment she was your slave or something.” (continue reading…)

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Present Yourself

by on Jun.01, 2009, under BDSM

The slave stands waiting, knowing he had to please his Mistress.  

Mistress welcomes him into her dungeon.  “Well slave, are you ready for me?”

“Yes Mistress” he replies, standing naked, eyes looking downward,hands clasped behind his back in a classic submissive pose.

“Have you figured out how you’ll present yourself to me?”  she asked,inquiring about their arrangement whereby slave would make himself a present to Mistress for her pleasure.

“Yes Mistress, I’m ready.  I’ll  put my body in bondage for your pleasure, I’ll also put myself into a serious amount of pain and punishment that I can’t to escape from; unless you release me.   I hope to please you” he said.

“Hmmm that depends on how much you suffer … at your own hand.”  “Proceed.”  she ordered.

Slave went to the equipment cupboard and removed various bondage items and sex toys.  Mistress stepped backwards and sat in her chair to watch her slave put himself into some extreme bondage.   She knew he liked self bondage, this time with a twist; he had no way of freeing himself once completed. (continue reading…)

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by on May.18, 2009, under BDSM

My girlfriend and I have had a lot of sex. We were very open about or sexual fantasies with each other and she confessed that she loved it when I talked nasty to her and overpowered her in bed. 

After we had tried every imaginable position, place and penetration, we played all kinds of games, acting out our fantasies with each other, exploring and opening ourselves up from the bottom of our souls. We played the boss/secretary roles, teacher/student, princess and palace slave, and even priest/confessor one kinky night. We did everything!

After a while we began to get bored with the standard sex scenes we’d come up with so far, and decided to take our sex life up to the next level. So one day, just for fun, she decided to tie me up. She tied me to her bed with my hands and feet lashed to each of the four posts, and put a blindfold on me as well, just to tease me even more. (continue reading…)

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Very Lucky Pet

by on Mar.26, 2009, under BDSM

Janet was a student at a local university and had long held her secret fantasies within herself. Months before she’d discovered a website where she could play out the life of her dreams a few hours at a time in the campus computer lab.

She often chose a corner table so others would not see over her shoulder. Only 20 at first, Janet still had the sweet baby face of a teenager which she sometimes saw as a curse. She dreaded the day she turned 21 and would be asked for ID and likely chased out of a bar or liquor store.

It was online that she met Master M. Master M seemed to be such a kind man, intelligent and well spoken. He informed her that he was older than she was, but Janet saw no reason to let this bother her. Their online games often left her wet and dying for release in her apartment afterwards. One day, Master M told her to go to a shop and purchase toys for her release.

Janet was embarrassed, but motivated by Master M and did as he suggested. She purchased several things, an 8 inch vibrator with a realistic shape, a 4 inch anal plug, and a lovely little device that would suction onto her clit and vibrate at different speeds with the click of a button. (continue reading…)

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Yes Mistress

by on Mar.24, 2009, under BDSM

I had just got dressed for the masquerade party as a high school girl in pigtails and tennis shoes. With my white blouse, short pleated skirt, and as tiny as I am, I could pass for about 15 or 16, but I had recently just turned 18.

As I was running around trying to get ready, I heard the doorbell ring and thought to myself, is my date here already.

Answering the door I saw this lady mail carrier with a package for the people next door who weren’t home, and she asked if I would accept the package for them, and I had to sign the sheet for the post office.

As she fished in her pocket for her pen I carefully looked at her and her tom boyish features, and thought to myself the only way I could tell that she was a woman was her tiny breasts, which barely made a lump in her uniform shirt, and she sort of resembled Elvis Priestly.

With both our eyes looking at the pen at the same time we could see that it had split open and the ink was all over the pocket of her shirt, so I told her I would get a cold wet cloth to try and get rid of the ink and I also had a pen I could use to sign for the package. (continue reading…)

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D/S Couple

by on Mar.22, 2009, under BDSM

She introduced herself as “Fiona”.  Her profile had described her as “collared” and it meant that she was the subbie of a D/S relationship with her husband.  Naturally, being intrigued, and as horny as a man can be after eight years of solo sex, I wrote back.  I talked about how my wife had some serious physical problems preventing us from enjoying any form of intercourse.  Fiona was sympathetic and we exchanged joke files and that sort of thing.  Eventually we got past the arms length stage and started sharing real thoughts.  She continually sent hot pictures of herself and I got more turned on by each one.  We became more and more close friends, as time went on.

She and her husband, MITCHELL, love each other very much and the D/S thing is only part time.  Apparently they have an open marriage of sorts, but she didn’t go into that a lot.  When she finally got around to sharing another gentleman’s recounting of his involvement in a spanking session ending in sex with her, guess what popped into my mind? (continue reading…)

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My Husband Is A Slave Slut

by on Mar.20, 2009, under BDSM

Carina was again pampered, bathed, and provided with perfume. Two women spent almost an hour just applying makeup to her face and fixing her hair into a tight ponytail. Once they were done, another woman came in and handed her some clothes. The clothes consisted of a black, lace bra, black thongs, thigh-hi stockings, black high-heels with ankle straps, mid-thigh length black skirt and a loose fitting white wrap around blouse. Then she was left alone to dress. 

After dressing, Carina viewed herself in the mirror. She looked great. At only 5 feet, the short skirt and loose fitting white wrap around blouse showed off her ass and 36C breasts. Carina hoped Master would be pleased. Carina reached up and stroked her collar as she waited. (continue reading…)

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Be My Mistress

by on Mar.15, 2009, under BDSM

“You want to do what?” Cassie asked sitting bolt upright in bed.

My wife and I had just had a marvelous session of sex. We were nestled in each other’s arms enjoying what the sexologists refer to a “postcoital-languor”. That’s highfalutin for “feeling fuckin’ good afterwards!”. And believe me I was feeling good. Cassie is a wonderful bedmate. Just looking at her makes my cock hard, and I know from watching other guys around her that they are jealous as hell of me. She has the tits and ass that make men immediately spring to attention.

She has a great body and she knows how to use it. She really enjoys sex. She loves to suck my cock and she wiggles and moans when I return the favor by lapping her clit. My cock always finds her tight cunt-sopping wet as she writhes and thrashes to violent orgasms. She is nearly perfect. (continue reading…)

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